The motivation to launch the European Conference on the Impact of AI and Robotics (ECIAIR 2022) came about as a result of the maturing of artificial intelligence and robotics, particularly of the cognitive computing kind, which is producing an unprecedented revolution in the role of work and professionals in society. So this Conference aims to focus not so much on the technology itself, but rather its consequence on knowledge work and society. We are looking for research with a broad set of approaches from the future of the professions; through knowledge networks enabled by cognitive computing and other technologies; education issues; collaborative robots; ever-more autonomous machines and their relationship with humans; whether we will need to demand ethical or at least acceptable social behaviours on the part of machines; considerations on assigning personhood to machines; to name a few topics. We would like to see the ECIAIR develop into a key forum where natural scientists, social scientists and philosophers come together to envision the future of society in the context of advanced AI and Robotics, so as to keep progress in balance with the meaning of life and the destiny of humankind - the stakes are much to high to do otherwise. So we also welcome contributions from philosophers reflecting on the ethical dimension of AI and the balance between science and conscience.

ECIAIR 2022 is being held on 1-2 December and will be a fully virtual event.

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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2022)
Published: 2022-11-17


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