Value Co-Destruction in Digital Banking Transformation: Research Propositions




value co-creation, value co-destruction, service dominant logic, banking, digital transformation


Digital Transformation imposes an invisible legacy on managers: the destruction of value. The ability of technology to disseminate services can lead to irreparable losses of value for companies, resulting in the decline of economic potential and imposing a dictatorship of gratuitousness. To research how this happens and propose solutions, I analyze the trend of value co-destruction (VCD) in the Digital Bank Transformation. The ability to understand and predict such changes is important to guide the processes of planning, implementing, and evaluating business decisions. Value creation is a central concept in the business literature, as companies create value through their operations and the delivery of services and products that meet the desires of their customers. However, value can also be destroyed, causing companies to fail and significant changes in the market. Through a semi-systematic literature review, I seek the theoretical guidelines of VCD in the context of online banking. We found 112 articles related to the topic and part of the systematic analysis of these articles is available in this work. The main objective of this theoretical essay is to highlight research propositions for the analysis of VCD in the context of Digital Banking Transformation. For the main delivery, it is necessary to: 1) delimit the concepts related to Digital Transformation and VCD; 2) understand how the VCD process is configured; 3) define the mechanisms related to the VCD; and 4) gather characteristics of the financial services segment in the context of Digital Transformation. Two proposals were proposed for future research.






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