Developing Robust Cyber Warfare Capabilities for the African Battlespace


  • Jabu Mtsweni CSIR
  • Mphahlela CSIR



The evolution of technology in the African battlespace continues to pose a significant challenge to the African militaries. This evolution increases the need for the African militaries to be able to operate in the cyberspace strategically and effectively. Developing cyber warfare capabilities remains a challenge to many African militaries who are struggling to remain afloat due to ever decreasing resources, including budgets. This in turn reduces the effect of these militaries in the evolving battlespace. This paper seeks to present a comprehensive framework for developing cyber warfare capabilities for African militaries to be able to operate efficiently in the cyber battlespace. The proposed POSTEDFIT aligned framework, requires a comprehensive system thinking approach towards developing capabilities in a phased manner. This includes the ability to define the capabilities in terms of the requirements presented by the cyberspace, and the components forming these capabilities. The generic framework is based on the basic understanding of a capability, as the ability to do something, in this case, the ability to secure and operate in the cyberspace for African militaries, ability to conduct offensive cyber operations and ability to keep abreast with the evolving cyber battlespace.

Author Biographies

Jabu Mtsweni, CSIR

Dr. Jabu Mtsweni is a Head of Information and Cyber Security Centre and Chief Researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) focusing on secure identity systems, cybersecurity systems, data security and analytics, including governance, privacy, and trust.

Mphahlela, CSIR

Mphahlela Thaba is currently employed as the Impact Area Manager for Technologies for Special Operations in the CSIR. Prior to working for the CSIR, he also worked for the Armaments Corporations of South Africa (ARMSCOR), and spent over 11 years as a senior officer in the South African National Defence Force. He holds a Master’s degree in Technology Management.