AI-based quantum-safe cybersecurity automation and orchestration for edge intelligence in future networks


  • Aarne Hummelholm University of Jyväskylä



edge-intelligence systems, cyber threat, cyber-attacks,, AI-based analysing, quantum encryption.


The AIQUSEC (AI-based quantum secure cyber security automation and orchestration in the edge intelligence of future networks) brings measurable advances to the cyber security of access and edge networks and their services, as well as Operational Service Technologies (OT). The research aims for significant cybersecurity scalability, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations through improved and enhanced device and sensor securities, security assurance, quantum security, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based automation solutions. The new application scenarios of near future, the multiple stakeholders within each scenario, and the higher data volumes raise the need for novel cybersecurity solutions. Recently, OT cybersecurity threat landscape has become wider, due to the increase digitalization of services, the increase in virtualization and slicing of networks, as well as the increase in advanced cyber-attacks. Because of recent advances in computing power, AI in cybersecurity analyzing and validations is now becoming a reality. A significant part of currently used encryption technologies which secures communications and infrastructures might become instantly penetrable when quantum computing becomes available. Enabling quantum-safety migration development is a clear goal to the project. The research develops a state-of-the-art information security verification and validation environment that supports the integration of cyber security systems as a reference model, focusing on architectural choices and network connection from different vertical use cases. With the help of the platform and the reference model, common cybersecurity capabilities and requirements can be built, tested, and validated, as well as their fulfillment. In addition to the environment mentioned above, the results of the research are demonstrated and utilized in critical communication systems, water utilities, industrial environments, in physical access solutions and remote work. The developed platform can also be used for auditing devices, systems, and software’s in the future. The research integrates new quantum-safe artificial intelligence-based, hardware-hardened, and scalable cybersecurity solutions that have been validated in a standardized way. In this research, we also deal with the requirements of the EU sustainable growth program - issues related to the green transition.