Impact of Moral Disengagement on Counterproductive work behaviours in IT Sector, Pakistan


  • Qazi Muhammad Ali Superior University, Lahore



This research examines the role of moral disengagement towards counterproductive work behaviour in the information technology sector of Pakistan. Furthermore, research is also focused on the mediating effect of information security awareness (Attitude & knowledge) and information security awareness behaviours. The target population consisted of public sector I.T. departments of Punjab, Pakistan. A convenience sampling technique is utilized. Data collection has been done through a survey questionnaire from technical and non-technical staff currently employed in the Public sector I.T. departments of province Punjab. Statistical software PLS-SEM is used for analysis. This study highlights the role of the information technology sector staffing level of engagement that affects the employee’s counterproductive work behaviour and information security awareness behaviour. Moreover, the study proposes that management should take the initiative for the implementation of strategies that may be helpful to get awareness about information security amongst employees.