Leveraging Gamification for Cyber Threat Intelligence for Resilience in Satellite Cyber Supply Chains





Cyber Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Gamifying, Wargaming, Space Systems


Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is collected threat information put in context to enhance decision-making before, during and after an attack. The application of CTI is widely limited to the reactive field of cybersecurity. The evolving cyber threat landscape requires a shift to an anticipatory and adaptable approach that addresses the complex and changing cybersecurity environment. CTI has the potential to support this shift to proactive threat handling towards a more resilient cybersecurity posture. This research is part of a project that aims to enhance the use of CTI for satellite cyber supply chain resilience through gamification. Cybersecurity games are established tools to raise security awareness and train security staff in red and blue team exercises. However, there is a lack of research on how gamification and serious games can be used to improve the application of CTI and enable training for security staff, even though existing literature points out the beneficial effects of gamification. Building on the gamification approach in cybersecurity, the research focuses on creating a gamified experience that simulates a cyber-attack derived from real-world examples and the utilisation of CTI to handle the simulated cyber-attack. The scenario addresses the need for informed decision-making throughout a cyber-attack by focusing on the utilisation of CTI in the context of satellite cyber supply chain security as the domain of application. This paper takes stock of the recent developments in CTI towards improving cyber resilience and presents gamification for cybersecurity and CTI to highlight the benefits of the approach. Further, it discusses the potential of gamification as an effective tool for CTI and describes the approach that is used to build a gamification solution inspired by real-world events. This paper contributes to the nascent research on gamification of CTI to strengthen cyber resilience in the context of increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber threats, especially against space systems.

Author Biography

Mona Kriesten, University of South Australia

Mona Kriesten is a cyber security industry practitioner, undertaking a full-time PhD at the University of South Australia. Mona is researching the application of cyber threat intelligence to improve satellite cyber supply chain security. Mona has several years of experience working in Europe designing solution architectures for network security, supporting the operation of Security Information and Event Management systems, and assisting enterprises to build cyber defence security strategies. Mona has experience in security detection and response, cyber threat intelligence and vulnerability management. Building on her practical experience, Mona's research interests include cyber threat intelligence, threat modelling, and improving incident detection and response capabilities.