Innovating Cybersecurity Education Through AI-augmented Teaching


  • Joon S. Park Syracuse University
  • Ryan Simmons Syracuse University



Cybersecurity, Generative AI, Innovative Education


In traditional teaching frameworks, instructors face significant obstacles in offering current and synchronized learning materials and examples, especially when the course is taught by multiple instructors. This situation can affect the quality of the course's learning outcomes. These challenges become more pronounced in today’s higher education, because of the heightened complexity arising from the need to cover a range of course materials, diverse student backgrounds, varying skill levels, and different student expectations—all within the constraints of a fixed teaching and learning schedule. Furthermore, due to resource constraints, not every instructor has the availability of a teaching assistant (TA). Especially, while the demand for cybersecurity continues to rise, the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity field leads to the frequent emergence of new issues and incidents. To address these challenges, we examine the capabilities of generative AI to innovate teaching techniques and methods for cybersecurity curricula. We further explore the novel challenges introduced by generative AI, including issues related to privacy, data ownership, transparency, and other associated concerns, underscoring the need for comprehensive solutions. Our work further examines the teaching and learning capabilities of dynamically generated, up-to-date class materials in a personalized study environment augmented by AI. The adaptability of AI-augmented teaching across various disciplines will bring innovation to higher

Author Biographies

Joon S. Park, Syracuse University

Dr. Joon Park is a Professor at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, New York, U.S.A. He has been deeply engaged in higher education and information security, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in research, teaching, and service. His remarkable achievements encompass the publication of over 100 peer-reviewed research papers, recognition with Best Paper awards, U.S. patents, active involvement in research and education grants, extensive media publicity, and a wide array of other far-reaching contributions.

Ryan Simmons, Syracuse University

Ryan T. Simmons has eight years of cyber and communications security experience and presently supports the U.S. Space Force. He is currently a senior student at Syracuse University College of Professional Studies, and is completing their Bachelor’s program in Cybersecurity Administration. His primary research areas are artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.