Addressing the Digital Resilience Challenge in the Electricity Sector in Nigeria: From Risk to Resilience


  • Maduakonam Pius Achuama Mr



Digital Resilience, Electricity Sector, Risk Mitigation, Cyber Resilience.


The electricity sector in Nigeria stands at the crossroads of an ever-evolving digital landscape and the pressing need for resilience in the face of dynamic challenges. This paper explores Nigeria's electricity sector, navigating its evolving digital landscape with a focus on resilience amid growing challenges. Shifting from risk reduction to resilience building, the study utilizes stakeholder interviews to assess cyber resilience. Unveiling technological advancements, it addresses interdependencies, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats in the connected grid. The study discusses some enabling practices to solve these issues including the role of policy and regulatory frameworks in fostering a culture of resilience and collaboration among various stakeholders. Amid the digital revolution, it advocates readiness, responsiveness, and rehabilitation for Nigeria's electricity sector. The study serves as a strategic roadmap for public and private decision-makers to tackle digital resilience challenges.