Enhancing Metaward: Integrating Digital Forensic Readiness in the Metaverse





Digital Forensic Readiness, Digital Security, Metaverse, Virtual Currency, Employee Motivation


As virtual currencies gain traction as rewards and with the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work environments, the need for adaptive and comprehensive reward systems becomes imperative. This research builds upon the foundation laid in prior studies, focusing on the integration of Digital Forensic Readiness (DFR) into the Metaward reward model, within the Metaverse. However, as more individuals engage with and use the Metaverse, it is crucial to implement DFR to the Metaverse. The problem of this research is the absence of DFR processes integrated into the Metaverse, particularly within the context of the Metaward reward system. With the increasing importance of cybersecurity and digital forensics (DF) in organizational operations, the integration of such measures aims to enhance the security and integrity of the Metaward model. This enhancement aims to ensure a proactive and effective response to potential security incidents, while maintaining the integrity of digital evidence. This research employs a comprehensive methodology, encompassing literature review, analysis of DF measures, and the development of an extended conceptual model. By considering factors such as the security implications of virtual currencies, incident response capabilities, and proactive DF measures, the study seeks to provide insights into the feasibility and effectiveness of this augmented reward model. The proposed model acknowledges the significance of balancing motivation and engagement with the imperative need for robust DFR. It explores potential synergies between these seemingly different elements, aiming to create a reward system that not only motivates employees but also ensures the resilience and security of the organizational digital infrastructure. This study's findings hold promise for organizations navigating the complex terrain of modern work paradigms, offering a strategic approach to bolstering employee motivation, engagement, and DFR. The conclusion reflects on the implications of the proposed integration and outlines avenues for further research in the dynamic intersection of virtual currencies, reward systems, and DF.

Author Biography

Shelley Robertson, University of Pretoria

Shelley Robertson, a University of Pretoria (UP) Masters student, earned her Bachelor of Science in Computing, majoring in computer science and informatics at UNISA in 2018, and her BSc Computer Science (Honours with Distinction) at UP in 2023. She is a member of the DigiForS research group at UP, focussing on Computer Security and Digital Forensics. Shelley is also a Solutions Architect at MIP Holdings, South Africa