Cyber Game-Based Learning for DoD CEs


  • Jillian Valente Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Mark Reith Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, USA



Cyber, Game-based Learning, DoD, Cyber Learning, Learning Objectives, Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning


Cyber competition and conflict remain an enduring concern for the Department of Defense (DoD). Positive control of cyberspace is crucial across the vast diversity of military operations and supporting activities.  People play an important role in cyber prevention, detection, and remediation, but they receive relatively little training outside of the annual Cyber Awareness Challenge. While this gamified training is a reasonable baseline, it primarily addresses cybersecurity from the office worker's perspective. Other career fields within the DoD may benefit from specialized training in cybersecurity, in particular the civil engineering (CE) community supporting critical infrastructure protection. This paper surveys a range of contemporary cyber serious games and assesses each for potential inclusion into CE training. Furthermore, it suggests game elements and characteristics that are likely to benefit the CE community.