Evaluating SIEM RADAR: A New Metric for Enhancing Regulatory and Compliance Efficiency





This research paper explores the modern cybersecurity landscape, particularly focusing on the risks associated with SIEM products and SOC services. It underscores the critical issue of insufficient logging practices that compromise an organization's threat detection and response capabilities, thereby increasing the risk of security breaches. The importance of real-time log retention to address evolving digital threats is highlighted, with recommended retention periods from authoritative sources such as the White House, OWASP, MITRE, and SANS. The paper also addresses scalability challenges due to the exponential growth of log data, the necessity for effective correlation within SIEM systems for timely threat detection, and the importance of compliance with various standards and regulations to enhance security. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights for cybersecurity professionals, organizations, and policymakers.

Author Biography

Ertuğrul Akbaş, Surelog SIEM

Dr. Ertuğrul Akbaş, a seasoned professional in research and development, seamlessly integrates industry and academia. Holding a doctoral degree in computer engineering and two master's degrees, he began his journey at Turkey's leading R&D institution and swiftly became the youngest project manager in the institution's history. TÜBİTAK is the equivalent governmental agency to the National Science Foundation (NSF) and government research centers in the United States. He ventured into entrepreneurship, founding four companies and managing high-profile projects for major organizations. He is also a part-time academician at Istanbul Esenyurt University.

Dr. Ertuğrul Akbaş was granted an “Einstein visa” and, subsequently, American citizenship due to her superlative achievements in the cyber security field. This is a rare privilege reserved for individuals of extraordinary ability, recognized as the best of the best in their field of endeavor.