Miss the piece of Europe Multilateral Cooperation


  • Shu-Jui Chang Loughborough University
  • Jen Fu Wang Yuan Ze University
  • Tim Watson Loughborough University
  • Iain Phillips Loughborough University




Cyber conflict, Multinational Cooperation, Cyber Exercise, Information Sharing


The research emphasises the importance of European multinational cooperation in addressing cyber threats. Countries cannot combat these threats in isolation; instead, they must engage in collaborative efforts that leverage shared resources, intelligence, and expertise. The study highlights the unique challenges and opportunities Asian countries face, frequently targeted by sophisticated cyber threats, particularly from state actors like China. Despite these challenges, many Asian countries have developed substantial expertise in cyber threat response and mitigation. By participating in multinational cyber exercises and sharing their knowledge, these countries can contribute significantly to the collective resilience of the global cyber defence network. This integration would not only enhance the security capabilities of the individual countries but also foster stronger international relationships, building trust and cooperation that are essential in the fight against cyber adversaries. In conclusion, this study underscores the imperative of multinational cooperation in Europe and beyond, with Asian countries playing a crucial role in enhancing global cybersecurity through their expertise and strategic positions.