The Emergence of IIoT and its Cyber Security Issues in Critical Information Infrastructure


  • Humairaa Bhaiyat University of Johannesburg
  • Siphesihle Sithungu University of Johannesburg



Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Critical Information Infrastructure, Fourth Industrial Revolution, security concerns


The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can transform and improve industrial domain processes. This is achieved by IIoT’s ability to collect and process vast amounts of data using technology such as sensors. IIoT capabilities can improve the manufacturing processes of these sectors and contribute to the improved functioning of critical information infrastructure. In addition, current trends - such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) - use IIoT to realise specific goals. While the emergence of IIoT systems does introduce many benefits, such as improved efficiency and sustainability, it can also introduce security concerns. These security concerns pose a significant threat to the industrial domain, including critical information infrastructures. The resulting threats emphasise the need to implement solutions to secure IIoT systems. The paper aims to discuss the emergence of IIoT and its cyber security issues within the context of critical information infrastructure. The research paper follows a theoretical research methodology to provide an improved understanding of the emergence of IIoT and its cyber security issues in critical information infrastructure. The paper contains an exhaustive discussion of what is IIoT. A discussion on where IIoT fits within the context of critical information infrastructure and its impact on 4IR is also highlighted in the paper. Due to the many vulnerabilities that IIoT systems can contain, the paper also discusses security concerns surrounding the emergence of IIoT. The security concerns make IIoT systems attractive targets for cyberattacks. Therefore, different approaches that can be applied to secure IIoT systems is also provided. Since IIoT capabilities can impact the critical information infrastructure of businesses and nations, the authors’ stance on how IIoT systems could transform the current understanding of critical information infrastructure is also discussed.