A Capability Maturity Model for Benchmarking in Wargames


  • Mehwish Nasim University of Western Australia
  • Adam Wilden Flinders University
  • Peter Williams Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
  • Tim Legrand University of Adelaide
  • Trish Williams Flinders University




Validation; Benchmarking; Reproducibility; Wargaming; Maturity Mode


This research provides an analysis of maturity models, and insights from specific game studies such as unclassified non-kinetic games, supported by contributions from the wargaming community. By proposing a design framework inspired by capability maturity models used in software development, cyber security, and people management, this research introduces a new benchmark for evaluating wargames, in a reproducible and standardised fashion. This model facilitates the identification of strengths and areas for improvement, offering a structured path to higher maturity levels. It aims to enable wargame designers to assess and compare wargame components systematically, enhancing the ability to validate outcomes, predict gameplay effects, and support decision-making with greater confidence. Such advancements could significantly impact policies and improve disaster resilience, particularly within Defence strategy and capabilities, marking a significant advancement in the academic and practical enhancement of the wargaming field.

Author Biography

Mehwish Nasim, University of Western Australia

Dr Mehwish Nasim is a Lecturer in AI at The University of Western Australia. She works at the intersection of Computer Science and Social Psychology. Informed by sociological theories on human interaction, she develops mathematical models of social influence to combat the dissemination of misinformation across social media platforms.