Cyber Concerns With Cloud Computing


  • Jacob Chan Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Mark Reith Air Force Institute of Technology



cloud computing, cloud-based services, cloud solutions, cloud computing security, cloud security concerns


The last two decades has seen a paradigm shift towards cloud-based services, cloud-central storage, and cloud computing. The benefits of this shift has been undeniable, including minimal user infrastructure needed to achieve what appears to be limitless data storage, powerful processing capabilities, and services that scale according to demand. However, when there is an upside there usually exists a downside. Cloud computing brings many security and cyber concerns that stems from the inherent insecurity of having large concentrations of data and assets in the cloud, making it a priority target for malicious actors. This survey paper will provide a review of the existing cyber concerns with cloud computing from a military perspective and point out future cyber concerns that may populate due to emerging technological advancements on the horizon.