Application of Geospatial Data in Cyber security


  • Namosha Veerasamy CSIR
  • Yaseen CSIR
  • Zubeida



geospatial data, cyber security, geoinformatics, , GIS


Geospatial data is often perceived as only being related to maps, compasses and locations. However, the application areas of geospatial data are far wider and even extend to the field of cybersecurity. Not only is there an ability to show points of interest and emerging network traffic conditions, geospatial data also has the ability to model cyber crime growth patterns and indicate affected areas as well as the emergence of certain type of cyber threats.

Geospatial data can feed into intelligence systems, help with analysis, information sharing, and help create situational awareness. This is particularly useful in the area of cyber security.  Geospatial data is very powerful and can help to prioritise cyber threats and identify critical areas of concern.

Previously, geospatial data was primarily used by militaries, intelligence agencies, weather services or traffic control. Currently, the application of geospatial data has multiplied, and it spans many more industries and sectors. So too for cyber security, geospatial data has a wide number of uses. It may be difficult to find patterns or trends in large data sets. However, the graphic capabilities of geo mapping help present data in more digestible manner. This may help analysts identify emerging issues, threats and target areas.  In this paper, the usefulness of geospatial data for cyber security is explored. The paper will cover a framework of the key application areas that geospatial data can serve in the field of cyber security. The ten application areas covered in the paper are: tracking, data analysis, visualisation, situational awareness, cyber intelligence, collaboration, improved response to cyber threats, decision-making, cyber threat prioritisation and protect cyber infrastructure It is aimed that through the paper, the application areas of geospatial data can be more widely adopted.

Author Biographies

Yaseen, CSIR

Information and Cyber Security Centre, Senior researcher


Information and Cyber Security Centre, Senior researcher