Intelligent Adaptive E-Learning Systems: Current Approaches, Architectures, and Applications


  • Abbas Fadhil Aljuboori University of Information Technology and Communications
  • Hala Al-lawati Al Zahra College for Women



Considering the weakness of traditional e-learning, a multiple of e-learning systems attempt to  get  individualization  into the process  of  learning  by  offering  learner-centered instruction, the adaptive E-learning system(AES)is seen as one of the more famous models. An AES can tailor its response to different circumstances. Various types and platforms in E-Learning systems have been discussed and explained such as blended, adaptive, and educational e-learning. Architectures, functions, and challenges also illustrated in details in this paper. Mostly focused on the Adaptive e-learning concept and importance for the learners.  AES concentrates on adaptively delivering learning materials. This paper discusses some studies that approved the importance of adaption in the e-learning system in the years (2018-2023), and introduced some challenges faced by this system.