Learning with Moodle and Google Drive: instrumental conflicts in question


  • zeller arnaud Strasbourg University - LISEC UR-2310
  • Marquet Pascal




Learning management systems (LMSs) are still supporting artefacts by allowing higher education students to conduct learning activities using teaching resources. These artefacts are based on graphical interfaces that display modules and contents. The mediated contents force students to manage instrumental conflicts resulting of a poor integration between didactic, pedagogical and technical artefacts, during the learning activity (Marquet, 2005). This paper investigates the impact of using the LMS Moodle on the realisation of an activity carried out in this same environment, during a business intelligence (BI) course, according to the type of integration of the teaching resources used: resources integrated into the environment and resources external to the environment. After conducting a literature review on the information search task and on learning BI with LMSs, this empirical work (N = 69) examines the effects of the type of integration of said resources on the results obtained in the quiz. The results suggest that the implementation of external resources around an LMS and therefore not integrated into the environment paradoxically enables students to obtain better results on a score in a shorter time, thus improving their ability to act.

Author Biographies

zeller arnaud, Strasbourg University - LISEC UR-2310

Arnaud Zeller is a higher technical and pedagogical adviser (Conseiller Technique et Pédagogique Supérieur - CTPS) at the french ministry of national education, FR. He has been teaching and training for more thirty years in educational sciences, communication and desktop and publishing software. His main research areas are education and graphical interfaces, helping the students and teachers in their use of learning management systems (LMS).


Marquet Pascal

Professor - Technology of education
Faculty of Education and Lifelong Learning - University of Strasbourg   Head of master programme Design Education Technology
Chairman of the national expertise committee of innovation in agricultural education