The Role of Mobile Technologies in the Development of Key Competencies – a Review Study


  • Daniel Tran University of Ostrava
  • Kateřina Kostolányová



mobile technology, mobile learning, key competencies, overview suty, education, review study


Modern education is based on the development of key competencies. By developing key competencies, we should prepare pupils and students for real life, i.e. for their beneficial integration into society and their professional life. At the same time, digital devices are penetrating education, of which mobile technologies have a strong position in education. Much research has looked at the impact of mobile technology on the learning process, motivation and learning fixation, but does this technology have an impact on the development of key competencies? These thoughts led the authors to produce a review study that maps the role of mobile technology in the development of key competencies. The paper aims to analyse the available literature and determine the current state of the art on the issue described above. In the theoretical part of the paper, the authors describe the theoretical background that formed the basis for the development of the review study. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the area of mobile technologies in education, where the authors define the term mobile technologies and briefly outline their position in education. Another area discussed is key competencies, where the authors define the term, describe their role in the context of European education, and focus in detail on key competencies for learning, problem solving, communicative competencies, and digital competencies. The last theoretical area described is the the research methodology, in which the authors focus exclusively on defining the concept of a review study. The research part contains the methodology of the conducted research, where the specific procedure of the review study is described. 50 publications were selected and analysed in detail, and the information found was recorded in a table. The results of the research do not only contain conclusions about which key competencies are developed by mobile technologies but also look at, among other things, what level of education uses this technology or how different countries perceive this issue. The results of the research can serve as a basis for further research that can look at the relationship between mobile technology and specific key competencies.