Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Mathematics Education


  • Antonin Jancarik Charles University, Faculty of Education
  • Jarmila Novotna Charles University, Faculty of Education
  • Jakub Michal Charles University, Faculty of Education



chatbot, private tutoring, AI chatbot, algebraic expressions, AI in education


The paper presents the partial results of a research study conducted within the project AI Assistant for Pupils and Teachers. The university, non-profit sector and organization established by the Ministry of Education are cooperating on this project. The aim of the project is to prepare an AI assistant for communication with teachers and pupils. The output of the project should be a system that communicates with pupils and teachers. AI assistant will offer them appropriate teaching materials based on their needs. The system will use not only pre-prepared materials (which is the case presented in this paper), but will be able to independently search and evaluate materials in open databases. We primarily focus on supporting the teaching and learning of mathematics and Czech language.

In this paper, we focus on one of the partial researches. The aim of this research was to prepare and experimentally test the possibility of using a series of pre-prepared math problems of an increasing difficulty for individual (partly pupil-managed) practice of algebraic expressions. The topic of algebraic expressions was chosen because it is relatively well-structured and is therefore suitable for this method of processing. At the same time, and this is very important, the topics include the so-called critical topics, i.e. topics that cause problems for pupils and where pupils very often seek help. The topic of algebraic expressions is divided into several subchapters, each of which contains about ten steps, consisting of three tasks, one of basic, one of standard and one of higher difficulty, and supporting materials for mastering them. The pupil can decide what difficulty of the task they want to solve and what supporting materials they want to use. The developed application is available to pupils online in the web environment as well as in the form of an app for the mobile phone. The application has already been published and is in a test regime.