Engagement challenges in a hybrid classroom: Reflections of a higher education tutor


  • Stefan Overton Arden University




Hybrid, Engagement, Participation, Belonging, Connectedness, online tools


The Covid-19 pandemic required a shift that brought many hybrid classrooms to the doors of tutors. Online video tools were one method utilised in a way to keep classrooms safe due to the need for social distancing. This paper explores the term hybrid learning and how previous studies have implemented online tools within this mode of teaching. The paper will explore some of the common challenges a hybrid learning environment presents when considering student engagement and belonging. A clearer understanding of good practice in using online tools such as chat boxes to encourage student participation is discussed. The challenge of working with students both physically and remote is explored and reflected on.

The benefits of a hybrid classroom environment are examined from previous studies and how utilising positive teaching methods can encourage students to stay connected. A holistic reflection on the quick movement towards hybrid is considered. The challenges of hybrid have been considered including how to keep students engaged as lockdowns were eased due to the pandemic.