A Conflict Management Game in Project-based Learning


  • Robin Isfold Munkvold Nord University
  • Line Kolås
  • Adam Palmquist




Game-based learning, Serious Games, Project-Based Learning, Conflict Management, Game Development, Higher Education, Team-based Student Work


In project-based learning environments, students often face team frustration and conflicts, necessitating the development of conflict management skills. This study examines how integrating a game-based learning approach impacts students' perspectives on managing conflicts in game development project courses. Drawing on theoretical frameworks related to project-based learning, conflict management, and serious games in conflict resolution education, a case design is employed in higher education that incorporates the game "Cards of Conflict". Document analysis of student reflection notes is utilised to assess the outcomes. The results demonstrate heightened engagement among participants during the game session, leading to awareness and understanding of conflict managing principles. This encompasses the what, the why´s, and the how’s of conflict management, as well as the diverse perspectives of peer students.