Science4Exit Project - Experimental Escape Games with Digital Enrichment in an Extracurricular Learning Venue




Exit games, escape games or escape rooms are innovative formats for teaching chemistry and for learning and applying scientific content. In the project "Science4Exit" experimental escape games with digital enrichment are developed, tested and evaluated. They will be carried out in the teaching and learning laboratory of chemistry at the University of Education in Weingarten.

One of the project's goals is to increase pupil’s motivation for science topics and interest in STEM subjects, as well as to improve the application of knowledge acquired in school. It also promotes 21st century skills (creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving) by embedding them in a game-based context. When playing escape games in the chemistry teaching and learning laboratory Ex³lab, experimental ways of knowing and solving are essential to reach the goal. As in classical or combinatorial puzzles, the result of an experiment is needed to unlock the next challenge. Escape games are partly digitally guided (e.g. by Actionbound, H5P) or digitally enriched with different technologies as needed (AR, explanatory videos, etc.). The Escape Games developed are used so that pupils can deal with scientific content in a playful and experimental way during a visit to the teaching and learning laboratory. They are supervised by student teachers as part of their studies. An escape game on energy supply and climate protection as well as building blocks for further developed escape games are presented below.