Serious Game For Training To Escape From Disasters And Deal With Accidents


  • Yantao Meng Toyo University, Japan



Serious game, Learning


The purpose of this study is to consider training methods to increase the ability to respond to disasters and accidents, conduct experiments, and verify their effectiveness. Based on this method, we decided to develop a serious game. The serious game developed in this project focuses on learning how to respond to disasters and accidents. Players encounter disasters and accidents in their daily lives. Consequently, the protagonist is portrayed as having bad luck and experiencing various unfortunate events. To facilitate learning, a time limit is set, and the time limit is extended to encourage players to continue playing. Specifically, the game begins with a fortune teller informing the protagonist that they will face an unfortunate event, and if they do not successfully navigate it, they will die within a month. If the protagonist overcomes the event, they will receive a lucky item. Collecting ten lucky items will extend their life by one month. To motivate players, unique and numerous lucky items are provided to encourage continued play.
To give players an incentive to play the game, we decided to provide unusual lucky items and numerous lucky items to encourage them to continue playing.
To verify the effectiveness of this game, a control group experiment will be conducted at the end of the game development.