Climate Adaptation as an Economic Challenge: Finding Business Strategies by Game-based Learning


  • Sophie Fischer University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt



Climate Adaptation, Organizational Learning, Game-based learning, Serious Games, Change Management


Climate adaptation and learning support organizations in dealing with the current and projected consequences of climate change by recognizing challenges as opportunities, ensuring business continuity and increasing their economic efficiency. Here it applies that those actors who deal with their existing framework conditions, opportunities and risks at an early stage, and also have structures or capacities for strategic learning processes, increase their climate resilience and reduce their vulnerability to negative impacts. A cumulative doctoral thesis analyze to what extent companies already have climate-related structures conducive to learning, to what extent they take responsibility in terms of the learning object (climate change), and which elements prove to be limiting here. The results illustrate that intangible resources such as a sense of responsibility, executives positive attitude and common values have a significant influence on the way companies deal with climate change. Based on these findings, a serious game will be developed and its didactic effectiveness reflected critically to raise the climate-related awareness of decision-makers and to enable them to derive their own adaptation measures.