War Game as a Method of Training, as a Method of Analysis


  • Ondřej Pekař University of defence
  • Vlastimil Šlouf University of defence
  • Jiří Šotnar University of defence
  • Ladislav Potužák University of defence
  • Tomáš Havlík University of defence




simulation, fire support, military training, combat effectiveness


The purpose of the article is to present the development of a new simulation tool Superior Degree Demonstrator, which is intended to introduce the issue of fire support to students of the military college in a game-like manner. The simulator is intended primarily for the purpose of preparing future artillery officers at the Department of Fire Support of the University of Defence, which is directly involved in its development. At the same time, it aims to awaken in the younger generation of students a proactive approach to study. However, it can also be used as an objective tool of combat effectiveness analysis within the framework of the army acquisition programs.