Innovation in hotel enterprises during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Poland: case study


  • Krzysztof Sala UP im. KEN w Krakowie, Poland



Entrepreneurship is one of the most important components of the modern market economy. Important features of entrepreneurship include expansiveness, innovation and the ability for companies to adapt to changing environmental conditions. These elements are also noticeable in the case of hotel companies, which are among the oldest types of business entities operating in the world. Innovation in hospitality contributes to the improvement of competitive market positioning, as well as effects on the interest of customers. The aim of the publication is to discuss current examples of innovative activities of hotel companies. The article takes into account the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine on innovations within these enterprises. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of the publication, the Polish hotel market was taken into account. The subject of the publication concerns an important issue of innovation in the hotel industry. The hotel sector has been particularly affected by unexpected changes in the economic environment. However, despite the difficult situation and uncertain future, the Polish hospitality still provides the examples of innovative activities worth discussing. The motives for choosing the subject of the publication are also the author's personal scientific interests, as well as a limited number of the references on this subject, especially from the most recent period. The paper describes and discusses the concept of innovation, especially in the hotel sector. The examples of the innovative activities in the Polish and foreign hotel companies are described. The most important achievements and successes in this field are presented. The article poses the following research thesis: The Covid-19 pandemic and the war crisis have not significantly affected innovation in the hotel companies in Poland. The article was created using book materials, journals, and netographic information. The research method used in the publication is the analysis of the existing data and literary criticism. The results of the research positively verify the thesis.