Analysing the Influence of Components of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on the Entrepreneurial Process




entrepreneurial ecosystem, fuzzy cognitive modelling, entrepreneurial intention, entrepreneurial exploration, entrepreneurial exploitation


The entrepreneurial ecosystem is a popular concept because of its systematic approach to analysing entrepreneurship and promoting entrepreneurial activity in the region. However, studies on EE have lacked a framework for indicating the influence that EE components have on entrepreneurship. The authors fill this gap in our research by investigating the influence of the components of the entrepreneurial environment on the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurial Intention Development, Entrepreneurial Exploration, and Entrepreneurial Exploitation are the three stages of the entrepreneurial process that were identified. To investigate complex systems and grasp the system's causal linkages, fuzzy cognitive modelling approach was employed. This study provides insights into the relationships between the components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the entrepreneurial process, which helps to support entrepreneurship during its different phases.