Twin Green and Digital Innovation by SMEs in the Construction Sector


  • Augustinus van der Krogt SRH Higher Education
  • Arjan Rensma Haarlem Campus
  • Victor van Reijswoud Antwerp Management School



twin green and digital innovation, twin innovation, SMEs, construction sector


The Twin green and digital innovation is a fundamental element of the European SME Strategy and European Green Deal. While larger corporations have initiated a transition towards more sustainable and data-driven business, only a limited part of SMEs in Europe are actively investing in Twin innovation. Most SMEs presume elevated costs of Twin innovation and are unaware of the potential impact on their business performance. The study describes a usable generic framework to analyse the Twin innovation options, the impact on business performance and a roadmap for implementation by SMEs in the construction sector. The paper offers practical tools for SME owners and directors seeking to engage in Twin innovation. The findings are also relevant for other researchers in this field interested to gain a better understanding of twin innovation, as well as policy makers who seek to steer support programs towards innovation in SMEs.

Author Biographies

Arjan Rensma, Haarlem Campus

Program Director Master Program Applied Sustainability Management 

Victor van Reijswoud, Antwerp Management School

Supervisor Research Master Students