Intelligent Organization Through the Lenses of Entrepreneurship and Project Management Approaches


  • Piotr Kordel Silesia University of Technology
  • Gabriela Fernandes University of Coimbra, CEMMPRE, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Polo II, Coimbra, 3030-788, Portugal



intelligent organisation, resilience, systematic literanture review


The main research question of the paper is what is the concept of an intelligent organization as a critical area in the field of building modern socio-technological concept of organization with resiliency as its central feature. The research method is systematic literature review in the field of management and intelligent organization concept discussion in the light of entrepreneurship and project management research streams. The outcome of the research is the cybernetic and network based theoretical concept of intelligent organization. According to approach taken in the paper intelligent organization is revealing as the result of paradoxical process of effectuation and causation synthesis.