Using AI to Create Content Designed for Marketing Communications




AI, innovations, marketing communication, use of trends


Innovation is a key success factor in every industry, including marketing communications. One of the most significant innovations in marketing is use of artificial intelligence (AI). Without a doubt, it has tremendous potential to become an essential content creation tool for marketing communications. In recent years, several AI-based tools have been created that simplify the content creation process in various ways. We are witnessing an enormous increase in these services and a significant increase in their quality. This qualifies them for use to a much greater extent than before. It is obvious that these tools will become key tools for marketers and related professions in the near future. Experience from the past months reveals that AI-based tools can significantly speed up content creation and increase its relevance by using optimal vocabulary, stylistics, or - in the case of image generators - visuals. The presented work analyzes the current state of using AI in marketing communication, through the possibilities and challenges related to it. The aim of this work is to provide a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of using AI in the creation of content. AI can automate some tasks, such as data analysis and information processing, freeing marketers to focus on other important tasks. The advantages of AI in the creation of marketing communication content can be speed and relevance, personalisation but also objectivity. AI in the creation of content may encounter a lack of creativity, lack of emotion and empathy. AI cannot fully understand the context in which the content is to be used, which can lead to the creation of inappropriate or ineffective content. Different types of AI tools usable in marketing communication. AI can assist in various stages of the content creation process, such as generating ideas, creating a story, personalising content. AI can use target group data such as interests, purchasing behavior, demographic information. This article discusses a contribution to research that uses qualitative and quantitative scientific methods to analyse the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing and marketing communications. It highlights the uses of AI in marketing and identifies a list of selected AI tools that are considered advantageous in different areas of marketing. The conclusions of this work should provide important guidance for further research and application of AI in marketing communication, which could significantly contribute to the development of the entire mentioned field.