Entrepreneurship in Natural Cosmetics Distribution Logistics Channels in Brazil - Analysis of the entrepreneurial profile of the cosmetics distributor Bothânico Hair





Entrepreneurship, Distributor, Natural Cosmetics, Logistics, Case Study


Technological, organizational and market integration changes, which have been taking place in the business environment in Brazil, contribute to significant changes in the search for new ways of understanding how to reinvent itself in a country that cannot guarantee economic stability. With all these changes, people seek a redirection in their professional life and new earning options and financial security. With this, entrepreneurship becomes a reality contextualized by individuals inserted in the business scenario. These individuals look for opportunities that allow them financial stability and often fulfill their dreams of opening their own businesses. The entrepreneur is the engine of the economy, he is an agent of change and motivation to overcome the challenges of commercial oscillation. In the area of natural cosmetics distribution logistics channels, the capacity to innovate, to reinvent business, processes and marketing are crucial for the sustainability of the business. It is important to know the profile and potential of entrepreneurs who work in this very competitive business area. An exploratory study was developed, with a descriptive design, using a questionnaire to obtain information about the profile of the entrepreneurs of the company Bothânico Hair in distribution logistics (case study). As participants in this research, we selected about 12 natural cosmetics professionals working as distributors of a brand of natural products. The results obtained allow us to conclude that entrepreneurs are mostly male individuals, with medium training, experience in the area and able to take risks. Also noteworthy is its ability to identify new opportunities, openness to the adoption of new technologies and interest in innovating operational processes. In the same way, entrepreneurs feel the need to invest in knowledge and professional training that allows for strengthening, greater growth and sustainability of the business. The most outstanding characteristics about the qualities of entrepreneurs were: the ability to identify new opportunities, the ability to create or improve technologies and/or processes and take calculated risks. The data obtained allowed to draw a profile of the distributor of natural cosmetics, listing the ten main items that should be valued in a professional cosmetics entrepreneur.

Author Biographies

António Cardoso, Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Associate Professor (University Fernando Pessoa), Post-Doctorate in Management and Digital Transformation (U. Vigo – SP), Ph.D in Engineering: Management and Design (U. Minho), Master in Design & Marketing (U. Minho), and Bachelor in Marketing (UFP). He is Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal), Department of Communication and Department of Business Sciences, where teaches since 1993, having assumed several coordination’s of study cycles (undergraduate, master's, and MBA) and was a member of several scientific bodies (pedagogical and scientific advice).

Antônio Mendes, Universidade Fernando Pessoa

Master in Business Sciences

Manuel Sousa Pereira, Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

Manuel Joaquim de Sousa Pereira. He completed his PhD in Communication Sciences (2014) Master's Degree in Communication Sciences (2008) from the University of Santiago de Compostela and Master's in Marketing and Strategic Communication (2004) and Degree in Public Relations (1998) from Fernando Pessoa University. He is a Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo and has been an Assistant Professor at the Portucalense University Infante Dom Henrique. Published 18 articles in specialized magazines. It has 7 book chapter(s) and 5 book(s). Organized 10 event(s). Participated in 114 event(s). Supervised 2 master's thesis(s). Supervised 16 work(s) for the conclusion of the degree/bachelor's course. Works in the area(s) of Social Sciences with an emphasis on Other Social Sciences. In his professional activities he interacted with 30 collaborator(s) in co-authorship of scientific papers. In its Ciência Vitae curriculum, the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic-cultural production are: Strategic communication; Communication efficiency; Talent management; Organizational strategy; Personal communication; Communication interactivity; Learning dynamics; IBERCOM International Congress; Communication efficiency; talent management; organizational strategy; Communication efficiency; Talent management; Organizational innovation; Personal leadership; Business efficiency; Communication management; Business efficiency; sponsorship; buy intention; Oakley; sporting events; consumer behavior; sponsorship; buy intention; sporting events; consumer behavior; .

Jorge Figueiredo, Universidade Lusíada

PhD in Economic Analysis and Business Strategy from the University of Vigo, PhD in Communication Sciences from UBI, Master and Postgraduate in Marketing and Strategic Communication and Degree in Public Relations from UFP. Assistant Professor at Universidade Lusíada. Integrated Researcher at COMEGI - Research in Organizations, Markets and Industrial Management.

Isabel Oliveira, Universidade Lusíada

PhD in Business Sciences, Master in Finance and a degree in Economics. Assistant Professor at the Universidade Lusíada and Guest Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave. Integrated Researcher at Center for Research in Organizations, Markets and Industrial Management.