Impact of Entrepreneurial Camp on Students’ Entrepreneurial Attitudes


  • Tiina Brandt Haaga-Helia UAS



Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial education, innovativeness, Needed Qualities for Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurial career choices are impacted by entrepreneurial mindset, family background and cultural values. Entrepreneurial mindset includes for example innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk-taking capacity, and entrepreneurial education has been found out useful in enhancing these qualities.  Here the interest is to see how the intensive 3-weeks innovation and entrepreneurial camp impacts on the students’ entrepreneurial attitudes compared to international data sample. The 95 students representing mostly USA and European countries filled in the questionnaire which focused on identifying qualities they would need if they would start own business. This data set was compared with the data over 1000 students from various countries. Several differences were found, indicating that those students, who have learnt profoundly about entrepreneurship emphasize different qualities than those with more general level knowledge.