Possibilities of Using Online Tools and Artificial Intelligence in City Marketing


  • Lenka Labudová slovak




AI, city marketing, marketing, regional marketing, tourism


AI has had a significant impact on marketing, transforming the way companies approach advertising and customer engagement. But we are not talking only about the business sphere, marketing tools are transformed and applied also in regional conditions and in the marketing communication of cities. Artificial intelligence and its use therefore also concern this area. Its use can be found in various spheres of city services, one of these services is communication with target groups operating in the given territory. These target groups primarily include citizens, tourists, entrepreneurs, students and working people in the given area. One of the main tasks of the city is that the primary target groups are informed about current events and information is provided to them in the most modern, efficient and fast way possible, which reflects the current technological progress in marketing communication. The aim of this contribution is to point out the possibilities and ways of using artificial intelligence in the communication of cities in Slovakia. AI can help city marketers to create more targeted and effective marketing communication, improve the customer experience, and build stronger relationships with residents and visitors. By analyzing data and providing insights, AI can also help city marketers to make data-driven decisions and measure the impact of their marketing communication efforts. In general, Slovakia belongs to the countries in which the development and advancement of city marketing is difficult from the point of view of financing and lack of human resources. However, one does not always think about the fact that current online and digital tools can be beneficial only if we know about them and know how to use what they offer. In the paper, we will look at the current use of artificial intelligence in the communication of selected Slovak cities with tourists and at the possibilities that artificial intelligence brings in the field of city marketing development.