The Development of Entrepreneurial Thinking in STEM Education: A Teaching and Learning Module for Elementary Students


  • Nyet Moi Siew Faculty of Psychology and Education, Universiti Malaysia Sabah,
  • Jamilah Universiti Malaysia Sabah



thinking wheel map, entrepreneurial thinking, STEM education, socioscientific issues approach


The development of modules in cultivating entrepreneurial thinking (ET) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education at the elementary school level is still limited. Thus, this research was conducted to establish the feasibility of the teaching and learning (TL) module based on the socioscientific issues approach aided by the thinking wheel map (SIA-TM). A case study was conducted among 30 fifth graders in the first phase of the module evaluation. Data was collected via respondents’ feedback in the 5-point Likert scale questionnaire and focused groups interviews. The students showed a high level of acceptance (m=4.53) towards the activities in the SIA-TM TL Module. Students opined that the SIA-TM TL module assisted them in developing new ideas and a responsible attitude towards their community. The second phase was evaluation through the quasi-experimental research design with the pre-test- post-test control group design. A total of 60 fifth graders were gathered into two intervention groups which were  the SIA-TM group (n=30) and the control group (n=30). The results of the t-test prove a significantly positive effect of the SIA-TM TL Module on the five constructs of ET. Therefore, these findings establish that the SIA-TM TL module is feasible in promoting fifth graders’ ET in STEM education.