Psychological capital and entrepreneurial tendencies


  • Tiina Brandt Haaga-Helia UAS



Psychological capital, entrepreneurial tendencies, growth-orientation


This study is interested in psychological capital and entrepreneurial tendencies. Psychological capital is an individual's attitude and tendency towards Hope, Optimism, Resilience and Self-Efficacy. It has been connected with several positive outcomes in individuals’ working life, e.g. career progress, work satisfaction, wage and well-being. However, in the relationship with entrepreneurial tendencies and especially with growth orientation there is still need of more studies. The study focused on the 457 adults’ psychological capital and entrepreneurial tendencies, most of them were women (64%).  

The correlation analyses produced several statistically significant results, indicating that psychological capital is connected to entrepreneurial tendencies and growth orientation.  Psychological capital can be increased with interventions, thus the entrepreneurial education at the higher education institutes could consider focusing also on individuals’ psychological qualities and increasing for example students’ psychological capital with interventions.