Assessment Dimensions and Items for the Evaluation of the Technological Maturity of Applied R&D Organizations




assessment dimensions, technological capability, technological resources, technological competences, technology evaluation, strategic technology management, research and technology


Applied research and development (R&D) organizations strive to develop technological solutions that translate results from research and science into state-of-the-art products and services. This can only be achieved when technological resources and competences are effectively and efficiently used to build up competitive advantages. Therefore, the assessment of the technological capability can provide applied R&D organizations with information on strengths and weaknesses in their specific technology areas, on the basis of which technology strategies can be derived to contribute to the development and training of substantial (core) competences, which in turn improve the quality of unique and differentiating products and services. In this context, the main aim of this paper is to describe crucial assessment dimensions and the respective items within those dimensions. Therefore, it must be focused on the technology basis of the applied R&D organization to identify important evaluation items. The technological base serves as input, as both technologies and competencies that are used for the execution of R&D activities need to be analyzed and evaluated. Additionally, the results of the R&D activities need to be focused as outputs. In this regard, technologies that result in products or technological services need to be considered. Lastly, assessment items in the field of cooperation must be taken into account as technological synergies through partnerships are important success factors for R&D organizations. In this context, partners who support the execution of R&D activities must be focused.