The Risk Attitude and the Motivation to Online Purchase


  • Arik Sadeh Holon Institute of Technology
  • Christina Feniser Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania



online purchase intention, risk aversion, trust of online shops, perceived security


The e-commerce and virtual stores are sources of innovative economic ideas and initiation of entrepreneurial business. This research deals with the motivation of potential buyers to conduct a purchase in virtual stores concerning their risk aversions in several dimensions, including entrepreneurial risk aversion.  The study is based on a survey of 104 responders exposed to technology working in the hi-tech industry. We used the structural equation modeling approach to conduct the statistical analysis. The relationships between risk aversion, the reliability of the products, the stores, and the motivation to purchase are modeled in one set of equations. The study's findings can help entrepreneurs how to market products that may be perceived as not reliable.