The All-Wales Academy for Innovation in Health and Social Care


  • Thomas James
  • Roderick Thomas School of Management, Swansea University
  • Daniel Rees School of Management, Swansea University
  • Gareth Davies Swansea University



Health, Social Care, Innovation, Wales


 This paper presents the case of the All-Wales Intensive Learning Academy (ILA) for Innovation in Health and Social Care (IHSC), established in the context of the broader Regional Innovation System (RIS) (Braczyk et al., 1998, Pino and Ortega, 2018). Developing capacity and capability for innovation in the Health and Social Care sectors in south west Wales has been a longstanding endeavour alongside efforts to revitalise the region’s economy. Welsh Government’s recent initiative to establish Intensive Learning Academies to support development of senior leaders and managers within the Health and Social Care is a further endeavour within the RIS. The IHSC ILA in particular has relevant to this agenda, operating across Health & Social Care, with further engagement of private and third sectors.  

Delivered by a partnership of Swansea University, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and the Bevan Commission, the initial phase of the IHSC has involved three of its core offerings being launched, engaging just over 200 learners. While the initiative is still in its early stages, this case study provides an initial examination of its activity exploring its potential to support the RIS through consideration of Region, Innovation, Network, Learning, and Interaction. As this work continues, it offers potential learning for future phases of IHSC, and to other post-industrial regions grappling concurrent challenges relating to population health and economic development.