Creating Knowledge of the Competitiveness of Enterprises in the Context of Changes in Management Processes


  • Sylwia Łęgowik-Świącik Czestochowa University of Technology Faculty of Management



creating knowledge, enterprise management


The unpredictable conditions of the competitive environment of modern enterprises force managers to look for new ways of managing enterprises. Furthermore, the diversity of the competitive environment requires the introduction of changes in the management processes of the company, which will enable building a competitive advantage and will allow for its sustainability. Therefore, the study raises the research question: how to create knowledge of the competitiveness of enterprises in the context of changes in management processes. The study presents the concept according to which the introduction of changes in management processes requires the creation of knowledge, which will enable distinguishing the company against its competitors. Therefore, the objective of the study has been the in-depth understanding of the creation of knowledge of the competitiveness of enterprises in the context of changes that can be introduced in management processes. Moreover, the publication deepens the understanding of the relationship between competitiveness factors determining the company’s capabilities, its prospects, and the projection of changes in the environment. The research methods applied to accomplish the assumed objective are critical analysis of literature, a survey questionnaire carried out in 2022 and Pearson’s correlation analysis. The empirical research was conducted on the basis of data obtained from one hundred enterprises from Poland. The conclusions from the research suggest that managers’ attention ought to be focused on identifying the factors of competitiveness of enterprises that enable them to achieve a competitive advantage.