Engagement of Actors in Expert Communities


  • Ilkka Tikanmäki Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Harri Ruoslahti




Competence, Knowledge, Learning, Management, Development


Recent scientific approaches and practical work-life developments aim to increase actor engagement to form expert communities. Solving common issues motivates stakeholders to collaborate and build trust to enable the co-creation of knowledge. This research is based on reading materials to understand how the engagement of actors in expert communities becomes viewed. The purpose of research-based development is to include actors in co-creation contexts. Gap analysis can be used to aid the planning of training implementation.  Development processes are continuous and cyclical in nature. An open mind for change and a desire to learn are key to building competence. A plan for implementing development measures can help select learning methods that promote knowledge sharing and searching for new information. Measuring and evaluating learning can provide valuable feedback, which is needed to identify critical competencies and competence risks, and to promote the creation of a culture of learning.