Knowledge Management in the Implementation of the Company's Business Strategy


  • Marcin Stepien Czestochowa University of Technology



The aim of the study is to learn and evaluate the impact of knowledge dynamics processes on the effectiveness of the implementation of the company's business strategy project. The implementation of the changes is the result of external circumstances related to the implementation of the company's tax policy. Elements of the tax policy implemented by the enterprise are a source of both threats and opportunities, and the volatility of the tax environment in which the enterprise operates is undoubtedly a challenge for enterprises. Observation and identification of these changes is a premise and tool for effective knowledge exchange, enabling the neutralization of threats and the use of emerging opportunities, especially in the implementation of changes. In the light of the considerations presented in the study, it can be indicated that knowledge management processes allow for the observation and description of changes in the environment, indicating the justification of emerging threats and opportunities in the company's environment and the reaction of the company, in particular in terms of the implementation of the company's tax policy, which fills the gap noted research. The implication of the conducted research is that there is a significant impact of external conditions, shaped, among others, by the company's tax environment, on the implemented project of the implemented business strategy, which can be effectively used in the company management process by increasing the effectiveness of knowledge management in the company. This means that the effectiveness of knowledge management can have a positive impact on the implementation of the company's business strategy. The research methods used to achieve the assumed goal are literature studies, descriptive analysis and survey research. Empirical research was based on 250 entities implementing tax policy in terms of corporate strategy. The research was carried out in 2021. The discussed problem is important and topical due to the possibility of achieving an increase in knowledge in the company and increasing the effectiveness of project implementation in the perspective of changes in the external environment.