The Workplace Podcast: Expanding Intraorganizational Knowledge Capacity


  • Edwin K. Morris Pioneer Knowledge Services
  • Emily Morris
  • Andrew Herd
  • John Jamison



Knowledge Management, Conversation Theory, Intraorganizational Knowledge, Organizational Culture, Designing Contextual Knowledge, Podcast


The capturing and the sharing of people’s experiences, reflections, and learning can create value within any firm where knowledge is a regarded as a primary asset. Intraorganizational benefits of conversations captured via podcast-style recording and sharing have the potential to be a major facet of the modern art of knowledge management. Knowledge capture and sharing between members of an organization therefore may be able to create new capabilities for engagement that lead to useful knowledge resources. This paper will explore whether a designed conversation captured and shared through the podcast format and distribution method is more than just storytelling or experience sharing. It will then go on to assert that a designed method of creating this contextual knowledge artifact that is aligned to the organizational values and direction can contribute to an ingrained knowledge sharing disposition (i.e., a fundamental cultural shift). This designed conversation approach proves a dependable and scalable method to the elucidation of know how. Consider this structure being a tin-opener. It is a tool designed to open and get inside to the “canned” tacit knowledge. The resulting conversation could be knowledge of high value to the firm that is released from the minds of personnel. This paper will conclude by proposing a structure for a conversational podcast-like artifact designed to develop intraorganizational knowledge leading to organizational value.

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Emily Morris