Next Generation Knowledge Management for Europe based Life Insurer: An end-to-end solution to assist Insurance Platform modernization and ongoing efficiency improvement


  • Mahesh Chandra Puvvada Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • Peru
  • Sathish



Purpose of this paper is to showcase the advantages and benefits of positioning a Tool driven approach to create and manage knowledge in an enterprise. As Organizations traverse thru multiple platform and technology changes to drive transformation, the processes & the documents associated to these solutions also need to change and the employees who operate on the processes on day-to-day basis need to be trained/re-trained accordingly. Ability of an organization to manage the process documents in an effective way and drive large scale changes in a systematic manner acts as a key factor in how successful these platform/technology changes are. A technology solution/tool driven approach to manage the process documents, enabling mass changes to the existing knowledge and creating new knowledge at a rapid pace can be the answer for the challenges organizations are facing with respect to Process documents/knowledge articles. The implementation and usage of the solution is aligned to the Knowledge Centred Service (KCS) methodology