The Intellectual Capital and the perception about self


  • BERNADETE M V F DA ROSA Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana
  • ALEXANDRE JORGE MIZIARA Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana



intellectual capital, affection company, professionalism and self awareness, intrinsic quality, character and evolution, intrinsic professionalism


The value of a company is not only measured by the value of its shares in the financial market, but also by its influence in the media and by how it impacts people's lives. Therefore, you have the value of that brand, its name, and its owner. Although this value speaks very loudly in a society, capitalist or not, there is another value that is not measurable and has a high impact on the external value of a company. It is the value that a company has for its employees and aggregate workers. This is a value that can be measured in the evasion of its staff. However, there is still one more value. Having valuable employees is not a gift; it's an achievement. Getting employees who work for years in the company and have high performance, engagement, and motivation, is more than professionalism. It's affection. And work with affection is not a characteristic of all people. This employee-company relationship requires commitment from both parties. A company, like a tree, is more than it appears to be. Likewise, a person is also more than appears to be. In this context, this article aims to address these intricacies of business-employee relationships, so that self-perception is the basis of a lasting and healthy relationship. The methodology of this work, in addition to long bibliographical research, is research that addresses several issues related to this context and the results are surprising. Thus, more so than professional development, it is necessary to invest in a high-value asset: awareness of yourself. Searching for your value within yourself is a great journey, which must be carefully instigated, in order to promote evolution and well-being within the company. More than professionals, people of character and commitment are needed, and these are also characteristics that must be sought in its employees. This is so the company has a long and healthy life, and the employee feels motivated to grow as a person and as a professional.