Designing an Analytical Framework for Measuring Knowledge Mobilization in Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines


  • John Natividad Philippine Normal University, Taft Avenue, cor. Ayala Blvd. Manila
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Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods, Analytical Framework, Knowledge Mobilization, Mini-Knowledge Audit, Knowledge Mapping, Measuring


The study aims to design a framework for measuring the effectiveness of knowledge mobilization (KMb) in higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines. The said design is intended to guide and strengthen the research efforts and research capability of HEIs that have been mandated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to lead in the conduct of technology-directed and innovative/creative research that is locally responsive and globally competitive and to ensure that the research outputs are presented and distributed to, and utilized by, their respective internal and external stakeholders. The exploratory sequential mixed methods design was used starting with collecting and analyzing qualitative data obtained from a mini knowledge audit using open-ended questions. The instrument was given to 17 respondents from HEIs in the National Capital Region via online following health and safety protocols. These respondents were either research directors or project research leaders of their respective HEIs. A content analysis of qualitative data was used to guide the researcher in designing a framework for measuring the effectiveness of knowledge mobilization in HEIs in the Philippines.


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