Digital natives and their learning habits in acquiring knowledge


  • Luiza Piersiala Częstochowa University of Technology



education, knowledge, digital approach, educational needs, digital native, educational process, learning environment, Higher Education


The knowledge provided to students should be presented in an engaging way and using the latest technologies. The world in which society, and especially young people, functions is described as a nanosecond culture, i.e. one in which everything is expected to be available immediately. The recent years have shown that teachers are becoming aware that they need to adjust the educational materials presented and the way they conduct exercises and lectures by expanding their pedagogical and technological skills to accommodate new teaching requirements.The aim of the article is to define what educational needs are desirable and necessary in the process of acquiring knowledge by students and to determine what learning habits young people have. The first part of the article attempts to present some theoretical aspects of learning in the era of digitization. Then, a quantitative study was performed using the Cawi method. The subjects of the study were students of a technical university, both part-time and full-time. A survey was carried out with the participation of 203 student representatives. The study was carried out in the period September - November 2022.