The Dynamics of the Development of Knowledge Ecosystem


  • Kristina Grumadaitė Vytautas Magnus University
  • Giedrius Jucevičius Vytautas Magnus University



knowledge ecosystem, development, dynamics, viability preconditions


This paper presents and analyses the dynamics of the development of knowledge ecosystem, putting more emphasis on interorganisational context, such as industrial clusters or “geographical concentrations of interconnected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, companies in related industries and associated institutions (trade / industry associations, universities, educational institutions) that compete but also cooperate” (Porter 2000). This paper contributes to scientific efforts to minimise the gap of research on organisational entities whose development reflects the essence of an ecosystem – a network of interacting actors, which compete and cooperate in order to create and apply new knowledge on the grounds of self-organisation. This paper, following a dynamic approach to the development of knowledge ecosystems, analyses four development stages, the preconditions behind the viability of knowledge ecosystems and their interconnections.