Spiritual Knowledge Management: Practical Wisdom and Faith-at-Work Brought to Life


  • Elaine Long The Chicago School of Professional Psychology




Faith-at-Work, Phronesis, Spiritual Knowledge Management, Practical Wisdom, Human Flourishing


Integrating knowledge management, faith-at-work, and phronetic workplace domains, this paper presents phronesis, or practical wisdom, and faith-at-work (FAW) based on theoretical principles of moral actions and character virtues and real-life examples of FAW practices such as thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, bringing to life the practically-wise company. Answering a call to investigate phronesis in the workplace to understand how the individual level of practical wisdom spreads throughout the company achieving a practically-wise company this paper refines one segment of Long’s (2022) research findings in Faith at Work: People, Places, Practices, and Tools from the spiritual knowledge management (SKM) domain perspective. These FAW experiences equate to spiritual knowledge and spiritual intelligence in motion while supporting human resource development strategies for employee flourishment. The methodology is empirical phenomenology presupposing theory for the relevant phenomena. The Long (2022) study adds a deeper understanding that sharpens and supports SKM by extracting specific findings and implications of the integration of practical wisdom, moral actions, character virtues, and FAW practices - intersections that enlighten organizations to create desirable value.