Online Patient Account: A Tool to Support Older Adults or Digital Exclusion?


  • Magdalena Bsoul-Kopowska Częstochowa University of Technology



older adults, digital exclusion, society 5.0, new technology, healthcare


One of the conditions for the efficient operation of the healthcare system in Poland is the well-functioning information system, which for several years, has been moving towards full computerization. The application of new technologies in serving older adults is aimed at ensuring safety and extending and increasing their independence. The Online Patient Account (Internetowe Konto Pacjenta - IKP) is an electronic application in Poland that any patient can log in to view their health history free of charge. The aim of the present paper is to answer the question of whether the introduction of the Online Patient Account service in Poland leads to the elimination of barriers related to the dysfunction of the healthcare system, or to the secondary exclusion of older adults. The study used a diagnostic survey method based on a questionnaire technique that was addressed to older adults living in Poland. The survey was conducted in late 2022 and early 2023. The results obtained suggest the problem of digital exclusion of older adults, which may consequently exacerbate disparities in access to medical care. The results of the survey helped illustrate the specific situation of older adults and develop important recommendations for the inclusion of older members of society in the market of healthcare services. The research conducted shows that the IKP service, despite its potential to address inequalities in healthcare for older adults, is still in the development stage.